Are you trying to get pregnant, need a CT scan of the pelvic area and are worried the radiation will damage the eggs in your ovaries?

“The overall median dose of radiation for a routine abdomen/pelvis CT scan with contrast ranges from 12 mSv to 20 mSv, and for multiphase abdomen and pelvis CT scans, the dose ranges from 24 mSv to 45 mSv,” says Ralf Zimmermann, MD, medical director of Neway Fertility, one of NYC’s leading fertility centers specializing in customized and affordable natural fertility treatments.

A “mSv” is a unit of radiation dose received, short for millisievert.

“Diagnostic radiology (e.g., X-ray or CT) uses only low radiation doses,” says Dr. Zimmermann.

“These doses are much lower than those that could produce destructive effects to eggs or sperm.

“Even though potential effects in human offspring of exposed parents have been investigated, none have ever been detected.

“Therefore, diagnostic radiation that involves exposing reproductive organs to low levels of radiation is considered safe in regard to genetic effects.”

Ralf Zimmermann, MD

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