Did you hear a brief squeaky noise as you pushed a poop out your anus?!

The squeaky sound was generated by the mechanics of pushing the stool out the anal opening.

This recently happened to me. It was no coincidence that my stools were hard balls (due to several days of eating too much junk food).

It wasn’t easy getting the stools out; I had to do some straining. The first batch of BM’s that came out were accompanied by a single and brief squeaky noise.

That’s the best way to describe the sound. It wasn’t loud or shrill, and it did not originate from my stomach or mouth. It was from my anus.

What matters, though, is how your stools appear. Are they brown? The brown color can range from light to dark, and it’s also normal if there’s a green tinge.

If they’re pencil thin, you’ll want to keep an eye on this to see if it’s a recurring trend. Colon cancer can cause pencil thin stools.

If your stools regularly come out in hard balls or hard any shape, this is highly indicative of unhealthy eating. Squeaky sound from anus