“Constipation can cause many men to have difficulty passing urine,” says Dana Rice, MD, a board certified urologist and creator of the UTI Tracker mobile app, which helps patients catalog daily urinary tract symptoms, medication and behavioral patterns, and offers personalized tips for UTI prevention.

Constipation is bad enough, but when difficulty urinating is tossed into the equation, it’s just one lousy situation.

“Men who have enlarged prostates can particularly have issues,” says Dr. Rice.

“The prostate gland abuts the rectal vault, and if the rectum is full of hard or impacted stool it can place pressure on the urethra, making it harder to pass urine.”

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“Probiotics, high fiber diets and stool softeners are all ways to avoid constipation,” says Dr. Rice.

Probiotics are found in “live culture” yogurt and kefir, and in the form of pills. Foods high in fiber include lentils, peas, fruits and vegetables.

A sedentary lifestyle promotes constipation.

If you have a desk job, get up every 45 minutes or so and walk around for a few minutes.

If you don’t have a workout regimen, then start one. Excessive inertia is a risk factor for constipation.

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