This is how women can tone the front of their upper arms with a simple exercise called seated dumbbell curls.

Seated dumbbell curls target the biceps muscles of the upper arm and thus will tone this area, an area that many women are concerned about.

Seated dumbbell curls can be done on a standard weightlifting bench without a back support; on a weightlifting chair with a back support; on a weightlifting bench that folds upward with an angled back support; and on a stability ball.

It doesn’t matter which type of seating you choose, because when performed properly, dumbbell curls will tone the biceps region of a woman’s upper arm.

How to Do Seated Dumbbell Curls for Toning the Arms: Basic Motion

Begin while seated, arms hanging straight at sides, holding the weights. “Curl” the dumbbells up.

Keep your upper arms in a vertical position. Do not press your elbows into your sides, but also do not allow your arms to flare out away from your sides either.

Just let the upper portion hang naturally as your elbow bends (flexes). As you bring the dumbbells up, your palms should be facing forward, then coming towards you. Thus, in the start position, the palms are facing forward.

How high should you bring up the weights? This isn’t about bring the weights up as high as possible. It’s about imposing a work stimulus on the biceps muscles.

This is easily accomplished by bringing the dumbbells up high enough so that they’re a little bit higher than your breasts.

You do not need to bring the dumbbells up to shoulder level. If you try to do this, your upper arms will start moving forward. Remember, the upper arms should remain in a vertical position, not moving!

Once you reach the apex of the movement, lower the dumbbells with control, back to the starting position.

How to Do Seated Dumbbell Curls for Toning the Arms: Resistance

Beginners should do 20 repetitions to get used to this exercise and master good form. Once this is achieved, increase the load so that 15 reps are challenging, without losing good form.

It’s not about how much weight you’re lifting; it’s about what load makes 15 reps challenging.

Over time, increase the resistance so that 12-15 reps are very challenging. Whenever the 12-15 rep range loses its challenge, it’s time to increase the weight.

How to Do Seated Dumbbell Curls for Toning the Arms: Frequency

Twice a week is all that’s needed, and four to five sets per session with one minute of rest in between will suffice. Never work the same muscle two days in a row.