There is a way to do seated hamstring curls to burn the most fat.

Seated hamstring curls may seem simple enough, but there are specific things you can do to maximize your fat burning results.

With seated hamstring curls, make sure your feet are always held in a 90 degree angle. Do not let them relax, as shown below.

From the moment you begin pushing down on the pad, all the way throughout pushing the pad to the down position (fully flexed knees), the feet stay in a 90 degree angle.

When pressing pad down, flex knees (bend legs) as far in as possible, all the way, till you feel pad making contact with machine.

Few people do this, and instead, do seated hamstring curls only 80 or 90 percent of the way.

Depending on the make and model of the seated hamstring curl machine, the maximum knee flexion angle won’t be that much less than 90 degrees.

Other seated hamstring curl machines can be adjusted to permit quite a bit of knee flexion. At any rate, bend your legs as much as the machine will allow.

Next, hold this maximal bent position for three seconds before releasing.

In order to do this for 8-12 repetitions, you will need a lighter weight, rather than the weight you normally use. I don’t recommend this three second hold for every set, but for two or three of them.

Make sure it’s a true solid three second hold, maintaining contact between pad and machine.

When releasing the pad for seated hamstring curls, don’t let it fly up. Release with control, and bring it back down before it goes up all the way.

Legs may be as far apart as possible, closer together, or completely together for any given set.

I recommend taking all positions throughout your seated hamstring curl routine for best fat burning.

Furthermore, feet should be turned outward as much as possible, legs apart as far as possible, for at least two sets. Try this tweaking; you’ll feel the difference and will burn more fat.

For seated hamstring curls, you can lean back in the seat, or lean forward. Always make sure the support pad is secure atop your thighs. Hands can be anywhere.

Start out with a few lighter sets with the three second hold, then use heavier weight with each set (the three second hold won’t be possible at heavier weights).

Get in at least three super heavy sets in which you can move the weight only 7-10 times max — all the way back, making the pad touch the machine every time.

Make these adjustments with your hamstring curl routine for best fat burning results, and the backs of your legs will become significantly stronger and tighter.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



Top image: Shutterstock/ESB Professional