If you’re a teen girl trying to lose weight, you’ll get the best results from these exercise routines–even if you think you’ve inherited “big genes.”

No equipment is needed.

Body weight squats. With feet wider than shoulder width apart, squat so that you’re positioned as you would if seated in a chair. But there won’t be a chair, just air. Straighten back up. That was a practice squat.

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Now do 20, making sure to reach that sit-down position each time. Lightly place fingertips on a chair or countertop if you’re struggling to reach that position.

If 20 was easy, keep going until your legs are burning mad.

Remember this number, because that will be your standard to reach. In time, your legs will no longer burn when you’ve reached this number; add more squats till your legs burn. Work up to 100 over time.

Walking lunges. Place one foot ahead of you, further out than a normal walking stride. Keeping back straight, bend this forward leg so that your thigh comes to about parallel with floor.

The other leg will naturally bend as well so that its knee comes close to floor.

From this position, push off with forward leg and bring rear leg ahead of the other leg, and repeat the cycle.

If you can’t get down very deep, that’s fine. See how far you can walk this way, keeping back straight, arms at side or hands on hips, before legs completely burn out.

Overweight teen girls may find these two routines very difficult. When you can’t go anymore, then march in place or walk around until your legs recover, then try again. Do three sets each.

Overweight teen girls should not get discouraged if these exercises “hurt too much.” They are supposed to, which is why professional athletes do them!

More great exercises for the overweight teen girl:

Jogging in place. Jog in place for five minutes. If this is too tiring, march in place to catch your breath, then resume jogging. Play your favorite music while you do this. Build up to 10 nonstop minutes.

Do this entire routine three times a week. You will lose weight, improve the look of your body and feel much better about yourself.

Overweight teen girls who follow this simple exercise program will notice marked improvement in energy and fitness.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



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