The preacher curl machine can be used by women to tone flabby biceps but I frequently see women using this device improperly.

The best way for women to tone biceps via the preacher curl equipment is to stick to great form at all times.

Now, a woman may be wondering, How can it be possible to do preacher curls wrong?

There are several ways that you can make mistakes with this equipment. They are as follows:

#1. Letting the butt lose contact with the seat as the weight is released.

#2. Incomplete range of motion on the release.

#3. Letting the hands flop as the bar is being pulled towards the trainee.

#4. Not using heavy-enough resistance.

If you’re a woman who’s fed up with flabby biceps, you must abandon any of these mistakes and adhere to proper form, which is as follows:

#1. Keep your butt on the seat at all times. If it’s losing contact, the resistance is too heavy and/or it’s just a bad habit. When the butt comes off, guess what: Your legs take over some of the work!

Well, the purpose of the preacher curl is to tone the biceps by strengthening them; you do not want your legs getting involved!

#2. During the release (lowering of the weight), arm position should be as close to a 180 degree angle as possible, meaning, almost straight, but not locked-out. Release as far down as possible before the forearms make contact with the padding.

Right before the forearms are about to make contact with the support pad, it’s time to pull the weight back up. Otherwise, incomplete range of motion will fail to recruit all the biceps muscle, the very area you want to tone up.

#3. Keep the palms aligned with the forearms always. If they flop, this will subtract workload from the biceps, which you want to strengthen and tighten.

#4. If the resistance is too light, you won’t stimulate enough work in the biceps to noticeably tone them. A woman must find the load that allows her to practice textbook form throughout, yet at the same time, makes 10-14 repetitions very difficult.

Find that balance to make the preacher curl exercise tone up those flabby biceps.