All that time pedaling on a stationary bike, your butt pressing hard into the seat, makes you wonder if over time this can flatter your booty.

It certainly seems that way, based on just how your butt feels even after one hard session on a stationary bike.

The butt seems to take a good beating, which feels like it’s gradually getting flattened.

But here’s the truth: If you have a big booty, it will stay big – unless much of its size is from excess fat and you lose the weight.

Intense stationary bike workouts can help you lose weight, leading to a smaller behind, but this cause-and-effect has absolutely nothing to do with SITTING on the hard seat for extended pedaling sessions over months and months.

The key word here is “sitting.”

It’s funny how some people wonder if excessive use of a stationary bike—all that sitting while pedaling—can cause one’s booty to become flatter.

Because all the sitting that some people do while at the office job doesn’t get considered in all of this.

The butt gets “flattened” positionally just as much in an office chair as it does on a stationary bike. But this is temporary. Your derriere will resume its natural shape the moment you get off the seat.

The act of pedaling combined with sitting does not cause muscles to flatten or lose their natural curvature.

Otherwise, this is akin to thinking that sleeping on your stomach will convert a “D” breast size to a “B.”

The fat that gets lost from stationary bike exercise is from the calories burned, not from anything mechanical that the sitting is doing (e.g., compressing the butt).

If you spend a lot of time on a stationary bike, you’re not going to end up with a pancake flat sagging booty.

Your bigger concern should be any excessive sitting that you do at work or even at your home computer. As mentioned, this won’t flatten your derriere, but prolonged daily sitting can cause all sorts of health ailments.

Look at the butts of competitive cyclists. They’re round and shapely. A hard seat up against your booty will not change its natural shape or flatten it.