Yes, you can do it–lose over 150 pounds if you’re 300 pounds or more–without risky surgery, starving yourself or hating on yourself.

Women 300+ pounds must have the right amount of support and encouragement so that they can stay motivated.

Otherwise, their chances of getting where they want to be might grow dim. As a former certified personal trainer I have worked with obese clients.

This state of being significantly out of shape didn’t occur overnight. It took a while for them to get over 300 pounds.

Many of them have tried to lose weight and ended up only gaining more because they got depressed and turned to food for comfort.

Obese Women Must Stay Motivated by Visualizing Success

Success must be visualized if it is to be obtained: conceive, believe and you will achieve.

Challenges and obstacles come and knock people off their goals all the time.

For the woman over 300 pounds, the ability to visualize their endpoint can be lifesaving.

This is not just engaging in idle daydreaming or making wishes to be thinner!

This is a set strategy, a ritual that must be followed every day and throughout the day.

It means that she should see what she wants to look like and focusing on the point that getting there means being serious about each and every step.

Women Over 300 Pounds Need Fast Results

Most experts talk about how rapid weight loss is unhealthy and not recommended, but women who are more than 300 pounds can easily get discouraged if they don’t start to see some improvements soon.

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This means they have to be pushed and made to work very hard. Their progress must be monitored on a weekly, not daily or monthly basis.

The toughness of the exercise and dieting regime not only expedite results, but helps show women what they are actually capable of doing.

Success can come for anyone. These simple tips can do much to keep a woman who is over 300 pounds motivated.

And here’s the final tip to get and stay motivated:

  • Focus on what your body can DO.
  • Focus on how it FEELS.
  • Focus on how your performance starts improving and how you feel more energetic and less achy as the weeks into your exercise program progress.

It is said that it’s just as difficult to lose 10 pounds as it is 150 pounds. So if you’re a 300+ pound woman, look at this way:

It’s just as easy to lose 150 pounds as it is to lose 10! Both cases require lifelong commitment.

Success, not Failure

Do not fall prey to the mantra of “Diets don’t work” or “Diets fail 90% of the time.”

The success rate for a sensible, sustainable, logically-approached plan is extraordinarily high.

This application applies to successful entrepreneurs as well, in that one of the keys to long-term success in the business world is that of copying the model of other successful entrepreneurs — rather than taking advice from those whose businesses went belly-up.

If you weigh 300 or more pounds, you’ll want to follow in the footsteps of others who have lost a significant amount of weight via a change in lifestyle rather than surgery, and who have kept it off for a long time. Follow THEM.

Follow the accounts of formerly morbidly obese individuals who have dropped a large amount of weight through portion control, healthier choices for meals as well as snacking, and a commitment to both aerobic exercise and strength workouts.

Never throw in the towel. Never. Always keep striving for the healthiest version of yourself! Do not settle.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 


Top image: Shutterstock/ Dmitri Ma