Find out which poses a higher risk of a DVT blood clot: estradiol pills or Premarin pills.

To help manage menopausal symptoms, women can be prescribed estrogen-type pills, but these carry with them the increased risk of a deep vein thrombosis.

This is a type of blood clot that can dislodge and get into the lungs, fatally blocking air supply.

A new report in the JAMA Internal Medicine explains that in a study, women who took estradiol had fewer negative vascular events (such as a blood clot) when compared to those who took Premarin.

Premarin vs. Estradiol: DVT Study

The women in the study who did not develop a blood clot were also compared, in terms of their clotting factors.

The women on the Premarin, in this particular group, had increased clotting factors in their blood, than did women on the estradiol.

Plus, the Premarin users had a small increase in the risk of suffering a heart attack.

However, a difference in the risk of stroke was not observed.

Easing Menopausal Symptoms

So if you’re a woman who’s considering taking a pill to ease menopausal symptoms, you now have some information that should be helpful if you’re concerned about an increased risk of a blood clot, says the study’s first author, Nicholas L. Smith, PhD.

Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness/burning/irritation, constipation and migraine headaches, says

The site also says that mood changes, sleep disturbances, thinning hair, dry skin, slowed metabolism and weight gain are also symptoms.

Many women prefer to manage menopausal symptoms with nutrition, supplementation and exercise, rather than take estradiol or Premarin.

But women who do take these hormone pills should know what the symptoms of a DVT are: swelling in one leg; redness and warmth in one leg; sudden cramping or pain that cannot be explained by recent exercise.

The leg on the right is affected by a DVT. Heilman, MD, CreativeCommons

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