First of all, ask yourself what kind of shoes you’d wear with that dynamite outfit if you were shorter. Then, go buy yourself those shoes and wear them, even if you’re 6-2. That’s dating tip # 1 for tall women.

What tall women have to realize, when it comes to dating, is that they have an extraordinary advantage. They have an edge.

And once she realizes what this edge is, then she will be much more self-confident when it comes to meeting the opposite sex. And that’s dating tip #2 for tall women: Realize that your height will help you quickly filter through all the frogs out there.

If men are intimidated by your height, then this is not the kind of guy you’d want to get involved with. You learn this quickly because he sees your height immediately.

But shorter women, whom these men are more attracted to, must waste time getting to know these men over a period of time before finally realizing that they’re shallow in character.

The tall woman finds this out immediately; the shorter lady winds up going on many dates before finding out.

If you had average height, would you be attracted to a fellow who’s intimidated by tall women? I don’t think so.

Dating tip #3 for tall women: Practice good posture. Slumping and slouching are real turn-offs and give off signs that you lack self-assuredness.

Just as you’d be turned off by a man who exudes lack of confidence and a lot of self-doubt, the same is true in reverse: Men are put off by slouching women who feel awkward about their bodies.

Dating tip #4 for tall women: You can boost self-confidence by memorizing some clever responses to throw at men who might say rude things to you about your height.

If a man questions why you’re wearing heels, tell him: “So I can see that bald spot on the top of your head,” or, “So I can make you realize how short you are.”

If a man asks you if you ever get mistaken for a man, tell him, “No. Do you?”

If a man asks how you got to be so tall, say, “My parents watered me every day when I was a child.”

Dating tip # 5 for tall women: It helps to realize that there’s another reason why some men are not interested in women of height  —  they just aren’t interested, that’s all.

They may also not be interested in blondes or women with straight hair, for that matter. Or short women. Or skinny gals.

Just like you yourself have physical requirements, such as you might be turned off by men who are too muscular, bearded, bald, geeky looking, potbellied, ded, etc.

Don’t take it personally if a man doesn’t care for tall ladies. This doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.

Think of how silly it would be if that bald skinny man thought something was wrong with him just because you’re not attracted to bald skinny guys.

If you’re a tall woman, review these dating tips and put them to work.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.