Some tall teen girls love their extra height. And some tall teen girls hate it. 

I don’t mean teen girls who are “on the tall side” or “tall,” but rather, teenaged girls who are “really tall” or “very tall.” My niece is 17 and 5-9.

This is hardly “too tall” or tall enough to garner attention or unwanted comments.

But what about teen girls who are pushing six feet tall? Or that 14-year-old who’s already 5-10 or even 5-9?

Teen girls cannot change their height. But they can change the way they think. It’s the only thing you CAN change.

But by changing the way you think, you can actually change the way other people think of you.

Teen girls who believe they are too tall and hate it should continue reading this article, because I’m going to tell all you teen girls 10 ways you can feel marvelous about being very tall or super tall.

#1: If a teen girl stands tall and confident, she’ll appear a little older and command more respect, including from teachers. Try it if you don’t believe me.

#2: Your height is equal to most of the boys and taller than many of the boys. Now, you’re probably thinking, “WHAT? Why should THAT make me feel great about being so tall?”

Well, I’ll tell you why: It should make you feel safer and more protected than if you were only 5-2 or whatever the average height is for a teen girl your age. Teen girls can be victims of sexual assault or just plain violence.

A boy who wants to push around a girl and control her is less likely to attempt this on a girl he is seeing eye-to-eye with, and especially a girl who’s looking DOWN at him.

If a teenaged girl stands tall and proud, this will really make a potentially abusive boy think twice about messing with her.

#3: You may not be thinking about this now, but some day, you’ll REALLY be thinking about it: what you’ll look like in old age. A body that’s getting old will shrink in height.

If a teen girl is tall, this means that after old age shrinks her down, she won’t be a “little old lady.”

Little old ladies look more helpless than tall or medium height old ladies. They are more likely to be mugged or assaulted.

Who Wants to Be Dwarfed?

#4: If you’re a tall teen girl, you, like teen girls of any height, most likely have specific career aspirations  —  and it’s a well-established fact that taller people are more likely to get promoted, and they also earn more money than short people.

It’s hard enough, sometimes, for women to climb the corporate ladder, even in these contemporary times of increased opportunities for advancement for young women.

Thus, being tall will give you that extra edge in the dog-eat-dog world of business.

So if you’re a teen girl feeling despair about your height, picture yourself just coming out of college and trying to get ahead in the business world:

You’ll be eye-to-eye or taller than the men you’ll be trying to gain respect from. They will see you more as their equal, rather than their inferior. I’ll ask it again: WHO WANTS TO BE DWARFED?

Picture yourself at a “normal” or petite height, standing amongst men at that high-powered business meeting.

You are looking up at all of them. They are looking down at you.

Maybe there’s five of them, all around six feet, and you’re like 5-3 or 5-4, or if you’re wearing heels, you’re topping out at 5-7.

But these men are still looming over you. You feel you must speak up to be taken seriously. You must clomp your heels when you walk to create a presence.

Now, if you’re very tall, well gee, all you need do is just square off your shoulders and proudly smile to create a dynamic presence and command respect. When you talk, the men will listen!

#5: If you play sports, you can make height work for you. Extra height is an advantage in many sports.

#6. You don’t have to ask people to reach things for you. I’m 5-8 and find that I STILL struggle to reach things at times.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been only 3-4 inches away from reaching something, and nobody else was around to reach for me.

This includes changing the light bulbs in a light that hangs above my staircase, and clipping off dead leaves of a philodendron that climbs my walls. I must drag out the stool.

I have always wanted to be several inches taller. Even when I was a child, I wanted to be the tallest girl in the class, and envied the tallest girls. I don’t know about you, but I hate looking up at people.

#7: If someone’s really angry at you, wouldn’t you prefer that they be looking UP at you, rather than down at you or even eye-to-eye with you?

And, if you’re really mad at someone, doesn’t it make you feel good to be looking down at them, rather than up at them?

Hmmm…maybe this isn’t very important to you now, but someday, it may very well be. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Remember “Carla” from the TV show “Cheers”? She was always trying to project a lot of command and authority, and had to jump on peoples’ backs or threaten to rip their ears off to be taken seriously, because she was so short.

A very tall teen girl need only just enter a room and look confident, to command respect and awe.

#8: Tall teen girls have a sight advantage; you can see over peoples’ heads. This comes in handy in the school auditorium, at movie theatres, concerts, etc. Admit it, this aspect of being a tall teen girl is unbeatable.

#9: If you end up marrying a short man, you won’t have to worry so much that your kids might be too short.

Though a six foot tall woman and a 5-7 man can end up having a son who grows up to be only 5-7, the odds of this are a lot smaller if the woman is very tall, than if she’s “normal” or petite.

#10: If you spot a schoolyard bully situation in progress, or a bully situation unfolding in the locker room or school hallway or wherever, you can use your height to intimidate the bully, because chances are, the very tall teen girl will be taller than the bully.

In fact, many bullies are short, having become bullies to guard against being pushed around by taller kids.

The tall teen girl can use her height in an authoritative way to diffuse a bully situation.

So there you have it, 10 ways a tall teen girl could feel wonderful about her height!

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.