Did you know that microscopic colitis can cause joint aches?

The exact mechanism is not clearly known, but have you noticed that often, either in the days (or weeks) preceding a microscopic colitis flare…you have strange aching in your low back, ankles, neck, even wrists?

This is most likely connected to this inflammatory bowel disease, and sometimes may occur concurrent with the diarrhea.

It’s a phenomenon called enteropathic arthralgia.

A small percentage of people with MC (lymphocytic and collagenous) experience enteropathic arthralgia.

The following links will take you to articles about microscopic colitis and enteropathic arthralgia.

Many of these articles contain information from gastroenterologists whom I interviewed, while the rest are based on my personal experience with this quirky but benign condition (I was diagnosed in 2010), and my extensive research.


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