Find out what it could mean if a mole has a white spot in it.

I have a mole that has a white (or actually, flesh or cream colored; it’s hard to tell) spot kind of in the center of it.

I’ve been aware of this for several years since I began doing exams of my skin.

My primary dermatologist wondered if it had always been there and examined it more closely with a dermatoscope.

When I said it had always been there since I began doing skin exams, she didn’t seem concerned, but she pointed out that she thought it appeared to be an area of missing pigment. She then said it could be a hair follicle.

When pigment appears to go missing is what can be of concern. What appears to be missing pigment could actually be a change in the color of a portion of a mole.

Shortly after seeing my primary dermatologist, I visited a second dermatology office where I get my serial digital dermoscopy done; I was due for another annual visit.

The dermatology resident said it was a hair follicle after I asked him what the “white spot” in my mole was.

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