A cardiologist addresses whether or not premature ventricular contractions can be caused by seasonal allergies.

Many people who have PVCs want to know if seasonal allergies can cause this sometimes very disturbing symptom.

“This would be quite rare, and only if the allergies really caused a lot of stress and anxiety and excessive adrenaline release from a more severe allergy,” explains Dr. Sameer Sayeed, a cardiologist at ColumbiaDoctors of Somers, NY.

PVCs have a bark that’s bigger than their bite, which is why individuals who experience these can become quite alarmed.

Seasonal allergies are far more likely to cause headaches than premature ventricular contractions.

If you’ve been experiencing “cardiac awareness,” have a thorough checkup by a cardiologist, and also get your coronary calcium score taken.

If it turns out to be zero, this should give you substantial reassurance that you have a healthy heart.

PVCs may be relevant in people who have heart disease, but even then, this association has not been clearly defined.

Dr. Sayeed performs echocardiograms and stress tests at the Midtown Manhattan and Westchester offices at Columbia Doctors. He is also trained in cardiac CT imaging.
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