Just because your sudden-onset double vision disappeared after a few minutes doesn’t mean that the cause can’t kill you.

There are many causes of double vision (diplopia), but sudden-onset, transient double vision is a different animal and almost always points to an underlying, very serious problem.

For example, this is a possible symptom of a mini stroke (TIA: transient ischemic attack).

And though sudden-onset transient double vision may have a not-so-serious cause, such as something wrong with the eye rather than the brain, this doesn’t mean you should blow this off and pretend nothing happened just because everything returned to normal after a few minutes.

Get to the Emergency Room.

A physician will administer the appropriate tests to see what may have caused this troubling symptom. NEVER think, “Oh, I’ll be fine; it’s gone now.”

Thinking like this could COST YOU. A transient ischemic attack is a warning sign that a massive stroke could be lurking just around the bend.

For this article I consulted with Anthony P. Geraci, MD, associate professor of neurology at Donald & Barbara Zucker School of Medicine in New York.

Other possible causes of sudden-onset transient double vision are an actual stroke, diabetes and trauma to the head.

Dr. Geraci explains, “If the symptom is truly double vision and the other causes you list are ruled out, then in otherwise healthy people a consideration would be myasthenia gravis.

“There is a simple blood test to check for this and one should see a neurologist to investigate this possibility.

“Myasthenia gravis is a condition which causes muscle weakness transiently.  It can often be limited to muscles of the eyes.”

I’ll say it again: If your symptom lasted only a few minutes and you felt “fine” after that point, as though nothing happened, do not be tricked by this.

A mini stroke, by definition, is transient. The next blood clot could be a full-blown stroke and permanently cripple you, if not kill you.

Dr. Geraci is also the director of neuromuscular medicine at Northwell Health in New York.