My mother had quintuple bypass surgery, so I was inspired to interview a cardiothoracic surgeon to answer the many questions I had.

These questions are based on my mother’s symptoms and other concerns following surgery.

They’re questions that anybody has when they or someone they know undergoes coronary bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting — CABG).

CABG Post-op Complications that Seem Scary but Aren’t


All sorts of things may develop immediately following this major procedure, making visitors very worried.

This includes a certain kind of heart rhythm deviation, excessive swelling, fluid in the lungs and mental confusion.

Crazy things occurred to my mother following her quintuple bypass, and at first, I was up in arms, and then I settled down with the power of knowledge. Read more.

Chest Pain After CABG

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How long after coronary bypass surgery is it normal for the patient to experience chest pain?

How likely is it that chest pain post-surgery could mean something is wrong with the heart, possibly a pending heart attack? Go to article.

Trouble Breathing After Coronary Bypass Surgery

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There are several causes of shortness of breath or labored breathing following this procedure.

And it’s SCARY to witness in a loved-one; you wonder if it means a problem with the heart, like a heart attack about to happen. Continue…

Abdominal Pain After CABG

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The night my mother was discharged from the hospital, she complained of severe abdominal pain and was crying and moaning. This was frightening and I phoned the doctor on call.

He told me to get her to the ER. Severe stomach pain can follow CABG, even a few weeks later, and can have different causes, including that of life-threatening. Continue…

Appetite Loss Weeks After CABG


Loss of appetite is normal after any major surgery. But what if it persists for weeks after? Are you or a family member struggling with this?

My mother’s appetite went down the tubes for weeks following her procedure, and she kept losing weight and looked sickly.

Weight loss under these circumstances is potentially dangerous. Possible cause? Continue…

Can CABG cause dangerous blood pressure drops for weeks afterwards?

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Since your (or a family member’s) coronary artery surgery, have you been struggling with severe blood pressure drops every time you rise from a seated position? This is called orthostatic hypotension. Continue…

Life Expectancy of Elderly CABG

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Is it worth it for an elderly person to even have coronary bypass surgery? How many years can this major, invasive procedure add to their life?

Well, if the doctor tells you that your aged parent or spouse needs CABG or else they’ll soon have a massive heart attack, you don’t have a choice. Continue…

Causes of Vomiting After CABG

What does it mean if a patient vomits after this surgery, well after the general anesthesia has cleared out of the system? There are different causes. Continue…

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