Is the autistic loved-one in your life absolutely nuts about sharks?

Perhaps one of my biggest obsessions ever was my special interest in sharks which began when I was 12.

Unfortunately, back then, the extent of shark themed products was extremely limited.

Today, it’s endless — as endless as the deep blue sea.

If your autistic child wants to talk about sharks or shark movies all the time .. do not shame them.

Instead, you can cultivate their autistic special interest with the shark themed products described below.

But if you’re an adult, these sharky products will suit you equally well, as the Autist who loves sharks will never outgrow this fascination!

10 Shark Themed Products for Stimming or Fun for Autistic People of All Ages

©Lorra Garrick

Dive into a world of relaxation and comfort with these 10 shark themed items for which autistic individuals will find solace in the mesmerizing world of these incredible creatures.

1     Shark Squishies: Squeeze the Stress Away

He’s so cute, but he’s also incredible for stimming away stress or just regaining some regulation.

These soft and squeezable toys are perfect for providing a soothing tactile experience.

Feel the stress melt away as you give these shark shaped squishies a gentle squeeze.

Their compact size makes them easy to carry, allowing you to take your underwater friends wherever you go.

2     Shark Blanket

For Autistics who love both sharks and the experience of pressure or confinement stimming, these PJs are perfect. A two-for-one deal!

3     Shark Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. Autistic adults can find coloring very relaxing and calming.

Even if a shark coloring book’s drawings seem too “simple” for an adult, you can always make them challenging by experimenting with how you color.

4     Shark Popper

Need I say more? Poppers are among the most popular fidget in the neurodivergent world.

Just pull out your shark shaped popper and go at it whenever it’s time for some self-regulation or to pass time more quickly while waiting somewhere.

5     Shark Fin

There was no such thing as a shark fin that you could buy — at least to my knowledge at the time — when my shark obsession had been in full swing so many years ago.

So when I was 12 I made a fin out of black construction paper. I taped it to a stick of wood that I found in the garage.

I took it to New York for my visit with relatives. My plan was to go into the water at Coney Island Beach, concealing the fin along the way, then going underwater and poking the fin above the surface.

Then I canned the idea because I thought maybe I might get shot at, like the boys almost did in “Jaws” when they attached a fake fin to a raft.

6     Chewable Shark Necklaces

These can also be in the shape of a shark. For those who find comfort in oral stimulation, chewable necklaces are a stylish and discreet option.

Made from safe, nontoxic materials, these accessories are designed to provide a satisfying chewing experience while allowing you to express your love for sharks.

7     Shark Pillow Cover

Nothing expresses your special interest (or even “regular” interest) in these great creatures of the sea than this pillow cover.

The design is also sold on tee shirts.

8     Stuffed Shark

©Lorra Garrick

No list of anything shark is complete without a stuffed shark. The sizes range from small to the size of a young child.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere out there you can buy one that’s six feet long.

9     Shark-Themed Weighted Blanket

Experience the deep pressure touch of a shark themed weighted blanket.

These cozy blankets provide a sense of security and comfort, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Curl up with your sharky blanket and let the gentle weight lull you into a state of calm tranquility.

10     Shark Puzzle: Piece Together Peace of Mind

Delve into the world of puzzles with a shark themed jigsaw puzzle.

The act of assembling the pieces engages the mind and provides a calming focus.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical and fitness topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer. In 2022 she received a diagnosis of Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


Top image: ©Lorra Garrick