This is a place for autistic adults to build relationships, share stories, experiences and ideas.

You deserve to define your life, career and interests on your own terms. Come join us!

You’re important. You’re interesting. You’re not broken, although it can sometimes feel like that if you’re surrounded by people who think and perceive differently than you.

If you’re searching for connection and understanding, Autistic Support Network can be that place.

In the work I’ve been doing with so many autistic adults, it’s really become clear to me that community makes a huge difference.

Some people are lucky enough to have that in their life, but many others do not — and that’s what I’m setting out to establish.

Having a safe space, having a supportive community, and having a place for resources and other educational or growth-centered events is something that can be life-changing.

We are all in different places, and we can learn from one another. As a group, we can be greater than the sum of our parts.

Being autistic in a neurotypical world can be really hard. And if you’re doing it alone, it can feel isolating and overwhelming.

Being able to support one another can make it easier — normalize struggles that others may also be experiencing, and sharing successes and resources that may just make you more confident and a better advocate for yourself.

I am a psychologist, and I’ve always had a strong interest in autism. As I’ve grown and developed in my professional work, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the magnitude of undiagnosed autistic adults who are out there, and the toll that not knowing WHY things are so much harder can take on a person.

I SEE the difference that the insight of a diagnosis makes on people, but just recognizing autism isn’t enough.

And as I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, I’ve felt more and more that there must be more I can do.

So I’ve been exploring that — sharing information on TikTok, putting together a post-diagnosis group class and now, this.

This network has a public page, where people can submit authored or anonymous blog posts to share with the world as well as sharing some of the events and information about the group who are considering membership.

What Membership Includes

Members have access to a list of crowd-sourced resources, provider recommendations, chat, private groups and regular posts for people to ask questions and celebrate successes.

In the future, we aim to include:

  • A book club
  • Recurring live events — like a co-working space or just times to connect with one another
  • Single live events, like speakers or other focused meetings
  • Group “projects”
  • Group challenges
  • Member spot-lights for people who are comfortable sharing
  • The possibility for live in person meetups.

We will have private chat spaces specifically for parents, college students, single people or people who fit the PDA profile.

We will also develop a buddy program, where people can find an accountability partner or buddy to check in with regularly.

Membership funds support paid moderating positions, attract amazing speakers, pay autistic talent for contributions to the site, support other affirming spaces and events, and ensure that this can continue for the long-run.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were surrounded by peers who believed you could. Come join us!

Dr. Jessica Myszak, a psychologist who specializes in autism assessment for both children and adults, is the founder of Autistic Support Network. She sees clients in-person in the Chicago area and over telehealth in 31 states. Learn more about her practice at


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