Do you get a pain in your prostate whenever you sneeze or even sometimes? Might this mean a malignant tumor?

Sometimes, the pain may occur even with a cough.

Certainly, you’ll want to investigate why this happens—because it shouldn’t be happening. It means something wrong is going on.

“There are a variety of potential reasons for prostate pain or discomfort when ‘bearing down as the result of sneezing or coughing,” begins Kiarash Michel, MD, a urologic oncological surgeon with Cedars Sinai who specializes in robotic surgery, and is cofounder of MDbio, a plant-based medicine company.

Dr. Michel explains, “We would ask a few questions to figure out what the potential source of the pain might be. Some of the most common issues that come to mind:

“Prostate infections (bacterial or otherwise) and resulting prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) could create sensitivity that is ‘triggered’ when bearing down.

“Ejaculating too often (creating strain on the prostate and the surrounding muscles) or not often enough (possible buildup in the prostate or other underlying issues with ejaculate) could be a potential factor.

“If the discomfort persists with treatment for either of the above, it’s a good idea to work with your doctor to ensure that there isn’t a more serious, underlying condition at play (like prostate cancer).”

Yes, in a more unlikely scenario, cancer could be the cause of prostate pain with sneezing.

But unlikelihood doesn’t mean you should ignore the problem—especially if treatments for benign conditions haven’t been working.

Dr. Michel is a leading physician in prostate cancer therapy, urological cancers, benign prostatic hyperplasia, female urology, urinary disorders, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, stone diseases and anti-aging. MDbio provides safe non-pharmaceutical alternatives to maximizing overall health and wellbeing.
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