It’s so very important for women, especially those who feel weak, to strengthen their grips. The Fat Gripz tool will give you a stronger grip.

A strong grip will make a woman’s life so much easier. She won’t have to hunt around for a man to unscrew jar lids, turn outdoor water faucet handles, etc.

A strong grip translates to a long-lasting grip, in that she will be able to cling onto the handles of heavy bags, suitcases, etc., for much longer than if her grip were untrained.

I use Fat Gripz and recommend them for any woman wanting a stronger grip.

Fat Gripz are sturdy rubber devices that you attach to any strength training equipment handles: machines, cable-pulley attachments, barbells and dumbbells.

Fat Gripz should be used for pulling movements rather than pressing movements.

If you’re pressing against resistance, such as in a seated chest press, this does not require much of a grip.

This is why sometimes you might see someone’s hands completely open while pressing against the handles — with only their palms.

However, in order to pull something towards you, you must grip the handle or bar. This is where the Fat Gripz tool comes in.

Fat Gripz increases the diameter of the handle or bar, forcing you to grip harder.

Fat Gripz

• Attach to “row” equipment.

• Attach to pull-down equipment.

• Attach to a barbell or dumbbells for bent-over rows.

• Attach to a barbell for deadlifts.

Women should use Fat Gripz because this clever tool will make it easier for her to grab onto things and hold onto them for longer periods – such as the leash of a large dog that’s trying to pull away from you while you’re walking it.

Though it’s not likely that you’ll ever be swept away in a flood and hand clenching the jacket of your young child who’s with you in the raging water, it would be nice to know that you’ll have a better ability to keep your child in your hand should this event ever occur.

What about bulking up the forearms?

Forearm muscles are small and thus, extremely difficult to bulk up even when this is the goal.

Few women have what would be considered overly muscled-up forearms. Those who do have bulked up forearms are very muscular all over. It’s not an isolated feature.

Besides, many women already have very big forearms — from too many donuts. If you’re overweight, doing grip strengthening work will not make your forearms bigger.

If you’re thin, doing grip strengthening exercises will not make you look like Popeye. Won’t happen. Never.

Women really do need to have a stronger grip. This will yield more confidence and will NOT make them look masculine.

There is nothing unfeminine about having a strong grip.

A strong, long-lasting grip will have applications in taking care of babies and young children in so many ways.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer for Bally Total Fitness.



Top image: Shutterstock/Burnt Red Hen