Do you have a nagging sensation of fluid buildup in one or both ears?

Have you been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and are wondering if there’s a connection?

Sometimes, when one feels as though there’s a little fluid in their ears, there really is – e.g., after swimming or washing one’s hair.

But what about in the absence of these activities?

“No — TMJ disorders do not cause fluid buildup, but patients suffering from TMJ disorders often have stuffiness in their ears and a feeling of ‘fluid’ in the ears,” explains Brijesh Chandwani, DMD, BDS, Diplomate, American Board of Orofacial Pain, with Connecticut & NY TMJ.

“Muscles close to the joint structures (lateral pterygoids and medial pterygoid) can refer discomfort (pain or fluid sensation) to the ear region quite commonly.”

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Dr. Chandwani has 10+ years of experience focusing on TMJ disorders and sleep disorders.
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