Here’s a time-saving routine of body weight exercises for high intensity circuit training that combines aerobic and strength training in a very brief workout session.

One round will last about seven minutes, but if you have another 15 minutes, then go for two more rounds to get in a fiery circuit that mixes aerobic with resistance training.

This regimen will burn up fat yet also build muscle and strength, and also improve core strength. Not to mention save a bundle of time.

All you need is your body as the resistance machine.

How many reps per exercise?

Reps should be 15 to 20. This rep range should be VERY challenging. If it isn’t, then modifications are necessary, such as increasing at least one metric of the exercise, such as speed, height or depth.

How long should a single exercise set last?

About 30 seconds. This is appropriate to fit in 15 to 20 intense reps. The end of each set should make you feel worked over.

How long should rest be in between sets?

NO MORE than 30 seconds. Longer will defeat the purpose of the high intensity element of this workout session.

If you feel completely recovered after 30 or fewer seconds…then the preceding set was NOT intense enough.

By the time 30 seconds pass and you begin the next exercise, you should feel incompletely recovered. This is what high intensity is all about.

12 Station Body Weight High Intensity Circuit Workout

Switch Foot Jumps

Jump or hop forward and back alternating feet., jcomp



Push up with any variety including modifications such as elevated feet or on your knees. Tomasz Borucki


Static Squat

Hold in place for half a minute. Keep thighs parallel to the floor. freepic.diller


V Crunch

Extend in and out to hit the core. Shutterstock, fizkes


Stair Switch Jumps

With alternating feet jump back and forth in the same spot.


Chair Dips

Use any sturdy piece of furniture. Increase the challenge by straightening the legs or propping the feet on a second piece of furniture., Racool_studio


Dynamic Squats

Squat up and down up to 20 times. Shutterstock/Mihai Blanaru



Make more difficult by lifting a foot off the floor.


Stationary High-Knee Running, halayalex


Pushup to Side Rotations

After completing a pushup when you’re in the top position, rotate to the side. That’s one rep., yanalya


Stationary Lunges

Switching legs is a single rep.



Taco Fleur CC

This body weight, high intensity circuit training routine will save you a bundle of time.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t also do traditional aerobics and strength training on separate days.

However, your leg day and shoulder day should be done at least one day apart from the high intensity circuit workout, since the circuit targets the legs, chest, shoulders and triceps.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained clients of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



Top image: Shutterstock/sdecoret