If you’re lying on your back and start pressing around your lower abdomen and pelvic area, is it possible to feel an ectopic pregnancy?

This is a question that many women, who are trying to become pregnant, are wondering about.

A thin woman, in particular, may wonder if her finger pressing could actually feel some kind of lump that would indicate an ectopic pregnancy.

“The short answer is no,” says Dr. Kate Killoran, OBGYN and medical advisor at Your Doctors Online, an online doctor chat site.

“At least in the vast majority of cases a woman cannot feel an ectopic pregnancy through the abdomen.

“Her doctor may be able to feel it on a pelvic (bimanual) exam.” The bimanual exam involves two hands by the physician.

“In exceptionally rare cases ectopic pregnancies progress far enough that it would be possible to feel it abdominally — but those are so exceedingly rare that I would still consider the answer to be no.”

Dr. Killoran has a private practice and is also a health coach at drkatemd.com. Your Doctors Online offers a free 7 day trial: Ask a doctor questions and get answers in minutes from anywhere 24/7. Learn more here.
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