Do you suffer from unexplained pain or aching in the shins?

The origin of this problem could be in  your lower back.

Shins that hurt is a very common symptom, especially among runners.

But people who never run or jog can also get pain in the lower legs.

There’s just a ton of conditions that can cause discomfort in this region of the body, from peripheral vascular disease to fibromyalgia to venous insufficiency to shin splints.

But what about the low back as an origin of pain in the shins?

“Yes, it is possible for shin pain to be caused by referred sciatic pain originating in the upper to mid lumbar vertebrae (L1-L3),” says Dr. Tom Carpenter, corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer and chiropractor, inventor of Stand Corrected™, a portable harness-like stretching tool that helps alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain.

Dr. Carpenter adds, “It is important to determine if this in fact is the source of the problem, as other factors could be causing these symptoms also, such as a foot issue or muscular imbalance in the lower leg.”

Sciatica is often referred to by laypeople as a “pinched nerve.” An MRI can determine if there is nerve compression originating from the vertebral column.

However, sciatica can also be caused by the piriformis muscle compressing against the sciatic nerve.

Tingling and numbness in the butt or leg may also result from sciatica.

Don’t give up on finding out what’s causing your shin pain.

The origin may very well be in your low back.

dr. carpenter

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Based upon 30+ years of experience, Dr. Carpenter’s practice approach reflects his belief that restoring optimum health and function will enable his patients to enjoy a much greater amount of vitality and wellness. Chiropractic care is true health care, not sick care!
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