First off, do not be alarmed

if a deep cleaning

has left your gums bleeding.

“Gums heal very quickly,” begins Laurence (Larry) Grayhills, DMD, MS, MAGD, member of the Academy of General Dentistry.

“Just as a cut or scrape responds within a matter of days of cleaning a wound, removing bacteria-laden calculus (aka, tartar) by a dental professional will produce results within 24 hours,” continues Dr. Grayhills.

“One will notice a reduction of inflammation (red, swollen gums) returning to a nice firm consistency with an ‘orange peel’ stippling.

“In light skinned individuals, the change from red, bleeding gums will transform to non-bleeding coral pink.

“In dark skinned individuals, the color change may not be as obvious, but the transformation to non-bleeding occurs within days.

“It’s important to note that unless meticulous home care is maintained, this type of healing may not occur.

“Flossing is the most important procedure to prevent gingivitis ( irritated, bleeding gums) and periodontitis (loss of bony support around your teeth).”