“The worst possible outcome of wisdom tooth removal is death,” says Guy M. Hanson, DDS, MBA, MAGD, Academy of General Dentistry.

If you’re facing an upcoming procedure to extract your wisdom teeth, do not panic, as you are more likely to be in a fatal car accident on the way to the procedure than you are to die from the procedure.

But in all fairness, the correct answer to the question of worst possible scenario of wisdom teeth removal is a fatal complication.

But this ultimate complication is not a direct cause of wisdom teeth extraction.

In other words, there’s nothing inherent, from a mechanical perspective, about having these non-productive teeth removed that causes the body to shut down and expire.

“Although exceedingly rare, a bad reaction to medications, usually sedation medications, may cause death,” says Dr. Hanson.

“Extraction of a severely infected tooth may spread the infection to the brain and/or the heart and cause death in susceptible individuals.

“The most common negative outcome of wisdom tooth removal is a dry socket which is an infection of the bone.”