Following the removal of wisdom teeth, the patient may end up with symptoms resembling the flu, confining them to bed.

“Flu-like symptoms after wisdom tooth removal are usually due to bad reactions with medications,” says Guy M. Hanson, DDS, MBA, MAGD, Academy of General Dentistry.

So the issue, then, is not to fear the actual mechanical extraction of your wisdom teeth. The extraction itself will not make you feel sick.

“Opioids cause stomach distress in many individuals,” says Dr. Hanson. “Sedatives are also problematic for some.

“The anxiety and stress of having wisdom teeth extracted has also been noted to create issues in some. Remedies include minimizing the intake of pain medications, [adequate] sleep and meditation.”

Dr. Hanson retired in 2014 after practicing dentistry for 35 years at the former Idaho Dental Wellness Center.

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