The so-called pinched nerve, which for many people requires surgery to correct, can actually heal without any surgery and go away on its own.

In fact, there are people who’ve had a minor degree of pinched nerve in their history that went away on its own and they never knew it because they were never diagnosed.

As for a diagnosed pinch nerve that’s causing a lot of discomfort, you don’t want to sit around doing nothing and suffer.

There are nonsurgical treatment options.

Pinched Nerve in Neck

• Can cause shooting pains down the arm.

• Can cause numbness or weakness in a hand.

Pinched Nerve in Lower Back

• Pain can shoot down the butt and leg.

• There may be numbness, burning or tingling.

If your pinched nerve doesn’t seem to be going away on its own, or “un-pinching” itself, the conservative treatment may begin with physical therapy.

“Modalities such as strength exercises will typically work over a period of time,” points out Dr. Michael Perry, MD, member of the North American Spine Society and American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Perry adds, “It will take about two to three weeks — with two to three sessions minimum per week before patients will begin to see results.”

Dr. Perry recommends that patients wait at least three weeks to see if physical therapy is working. It may even take up to six weeks for noticeable results. Hang in there.

PT may also include aerobic exercise and stretching.

Additionally, hot and cold compresses, plus pain pills, may be employed.

Surgical candidates are those for whom the symptoms are unbearable or for whom PT and other conservative approaches have not yielded results after six weeks.

Dr. Perry is chief medical director and co-founder of USA Spine Care & Orthopedics, and is frequently sought out for his minimally invasive spine surgery expertise.
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