Ever wonder if your endometriosis will spontaneously go away before you reach menopause?

“Without any medical intervention? It’s quite rare for endometriosis to go away on its own before menopause except during pregnancy,” says Mylaine Riobe, MD, founder of Riobe Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Riobe, board certified in OB/GYN and integrative medicine, is the author of “The Answer to Cancer.”

The Riobe Method focuses on the prevention of diseases, not the prevention of death from diseases.

Unfortunately, women—at least ones who are not pregnant—can only wish that their endometriosis will resolve on its own.

This condition, sometimes referred to as uterine polyps or uterine overgrowth, begins during the reproductive years.

Endometriosis is one of those conditions—which can cause mild to very severe symptoms—that will never spontaneously resolve in a non-expectant woman.

However, pregnancy won’t cure it, either, because once the pregnancy is over, symptomatic endometriosis will be resurrected.

“The hormones secreted during pregnancy can cause endometriosis to become dormant,” explains Dr. Riobe. So this would only be a very transient relief.

“Some natural interventions may help with endometriosis such as Chinese herbal therapies, acupuncture, homeopathy and biofeedback,” says Dr. Riobe.

“Nutritional interventions include correcting nutrient deficits, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits to encourage healthy detoxification and improved metabolism, avoiding processed foods containing pesticides, artificial hormones and antibiotics.”

These natural approaches may relieve symptoms in some women, but this is not the same as spontaneous resolution of the condition – that is, the overgrowths suddenly receding and then vanishing so that the patient is actually free of this disease.

Medical intervention including surgery can successfully treat this condition.

Dr. Riobe has helped thousands of patients overcome difficult illnesses by addressing root causes, not just masking symptoms. She has over 15 years’ experience using integrative techniques to treat diverse patients.
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Can Endometriosis Go Away On Its Own Before Menopause