Frequent diarrhea can result after gallbladder removal and persist for months.

But there is no clear answer as to how common this problem is, especially the longer the time lapse following the surgery.

It’s been estimated that 10 percent of people who’ve had their gallbladders removed will experience diarrhea to a troubling extent.

In most cases, the diarrhea will cease soon after the gallbladder removal. In rare cases it will persist for years.

Unfortunately, researchers cannot explain exactly what causes persistent diarrhea following gallbladder removal.

One theory is that an increase in bile leads to the condition. The bile, particularly bile acids, may mimic the effects of a laxative.

Bile is supposed to be stored in the gallbladder rather than make its way into the intestines.

The presence of this bile may also cause the intestines to contract, contributing to the development of, or causing, the diarrhea.

A drug that has worked wonders for many people suffering from diarrhea due to gallbladder removal is Questran.

Though the primary use is for lowering cholesterol, your doctor may recommend it for controlling diarrhea.

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