If you’re plagued by migraine headaches and nothing has worked, you may have considered daith piercing as yet one more treatment to try.

After all, a migraine attack can land a person in the emergency room with agonizing pain.

What is daith piercing?

This is a piercing of the ear’s innermost fold of cartilage. The word “daith” is pronounced “doth” (rhymes with “moth”).

Lisa Jacobson has experienced migraine headaches for 25+ years.

Does daith piercing actually work for suppressing migraine headaches?

How effective can something like this be?

For many, it’s “miraculous,” says Jacobson. “Unfortunately for the other half, it has not worked.”

If you want to try this approach for your stubborn migraines that do not respond to other more conventional treatments, Jacobson recommends using only a highly experienced piercer.

“Meet the person in person and question how many they’ve done,” says Jacobson. “If they ask you about it, head for the hills!”

Which ear for the piercing?

“ If you get migraines on one side, it makes sense to try that ear first for daith piercing,” says Jacobson. “If it works, you may want to consider the other ear.”

Is daith piercing painful?

“It completely varies by person (and perhaps by piercer),” says Jacobson. “Some say it is brutal and others say they didn’t even feel it.”

Healing Time

It is one to three months.

What is the price?

“Daith piercing costs about $50 for one treatment,” says Jacobson.

Does Jacobson endorse daith piercing?

“I am not a doctor, so I do not endorse anything,” she says.

“But I am here to give people access to anecdotes from people who have tried it so they can make an informed decision.”

You may also want to ask your primary care physician about daith ear piercing for migraine headaches.

Lisa Jacobson’s goal is to create a community for helping as many people as possible get rid of their chronic migraines through help, healing and humor.
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