If you just hate the feel of walking lunges but still want to do them for their strength training benefits, there’s a way to overcome the uncomfortable feel of this compound exercise.

I’ve always hated the walking lunge. They just didn’t feel right. When the toes of my back foot would be in the flexed position, it felt so unnatural.

Walking lunges was forever etched out of my workout regimen.

Then I began taking yoga classes. I wanted to get really good at yoga, a discipline that I had never had time for, but now finally had the time.

The warrior I post is a lunge. From the get-go I was positioning my back foot as in a classic front lunge, rather than the side angle that some yogis do for the warrior I.

To progress in yoga as quickly as possible, I knew that I had to make all the poses uncomfortable. This meant sinking deep into warrior I and just sticking it out.

The more I pushed myself outside the comfort zone, the faster I’d progress. All the while, unbeknownst to me, my toes were adapting to the uncomfortable flexion.

After 13 yoga classes I had a prophylactic double mastectomy. This meant that for a while, I’d only be doing lower body weight workouts.

I didn’t want to lose all of the yoga training that I had acquired (yoga was suspended due to its upper body component).

So a few weeks after the surgery I decided to do some walking lunges across the gym floor.

And lo and behold, they weren’t nearly as dreadful as I thought they’d be. They were actually tolerable!

This was due to the yoga training. My toes were adapted to the flexion and stretching – courtesy of warrior I.

So if you hate doing walking lunges, take up yoga – even once a week will have a training effect – and see if it doesn’t force your body to quickly adapt to the odd feeling of walking lunges.