BOSU board squats with dumbbells are a fabulous way to get a fat burning, leg shaping workout. I’m a certified personal trainer.

Dumbbell squats on a BOSU board are also a great way to warm up for heavier barbell squats.

How to Do BOSU Board Squats with Dumbbells

The following exercise will sculpt the legs and burn lots of fat, while adding much-prized relief from the boredom you may be experiencing from other leg training exercises.

In case you’re already picturing your feet on the round, blue portion of the BOSU board, think again: This exercise calls for the flat, black surface of the popular half-ball device.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and step onto the BOSU board. Or, step on the device first, then squat to retrieve the dumbbells from the floor.

Now begin squatting, going as deeply as possible. See if you can bring your thighs to parallel and even beyond.

The dumbbells can be held at your sides with arms flared out to accommodate body position, or held with flexed elbows at shoulder height.

But no matter what the arm position, keep the arms stationary throughout the set; this is a leg exercise, not a hybrid movement.

Few people can just step onto the flat side of a BOSU board for the first time and knock off repetitions of squats, even with only their bodyweight. The goal is to be able to use dumbbells and go deep.

How many reps to failure for the BOSU dumbbell squat?

Choose a weight that exhausts you between 20 and 30 reps. When you’re done, still holding the dumbbells, jump off the BOSU. This jump adds the final touch!

You should be very, very winded – almost breathless. And your quads should be really burning from fatigue.

If you’re not nearly breathless, the dumbbells weren’t heavy enough and/or you didn’t squat as deeply as you thought you did.

Odds are more likely that the second possibility applies. Do the BOSU dumbbell squat in front of a mirror. Make sure you don’t sloppily bob up and down. The top of each squat should be sincere, rather than just bobbing up but remaining crouched.