Here are the instructions simplified on how to prepare the DigniCap® for the prevention of hair loss during chemotherapy.

Wetting the Hair
• Make sure hair is washed first at home before attending the treatment.
• Thoroughly wet hair; very important.
• Comb wet hair flat.

Cap Size and Fitting
• The silicone cap must be fitted very closely to patient’s scalp, covering all the (wet) hair.
• Do not let air get trapped between the cap and the scalp, as this will interfere with the cooling.
• There are different size caps available: XS, S, M and L.
• Minimize breaks during infusion.

Application of Cooling Cap
• The silicone cap goes on, followed by the neoprene outer cap.

Connect Cap to Cooling Unit

Begin the Scalp Cooling Treatment
• Hospital staff operates the cooling and control unit, not the patient.
• The target temperature is 37-41° F (3-5° C).

Go here for instructions.

Let hair dry naturally.

In addition to these preparation instructions for the DigniCap® chemo hair loss prevention system, it’s important how you care for your hair between infusions.
• Avoid daily shampooing.
• When you do shampoo, use lukewarm water and gentle shampoo.
• Avoid heat applications—all of them.
• Avoid peroxides, perms, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, silicones or “anti-frizz” ingredients.
• Don’t brush or comb more than twice a day, ideally once. Use a wide tooth comb.
• Avoid rubberbands and headbands.

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