Men with big muscles will want to burn lots of fat to show off those giant muscles as much as possible.

Additionally, big muscle guys will also want to slash their body fat levels so that their waist gets smaller — which will make their muscles appear even bigger.

I’m a former certified personal trainer, and I’ve noticed that men with big muscles seem to prefer the elliptical machine for their fat burning workouts more than any other cardio equipment.

Why is it that the elliptical machine attracts the big muscular men?

The elliptical machine is very popular for all kinds of people. But it’s especially favored among men with huge muscles.

These men weigh a lot. Muscle is heavy. Perhaps it hurts their knees to jog on a treadmill or around the gym’s track.

As for walking on a treadmill, perhaps heavily muscled men figure that walking won’t burn enough fat or get the heart rate going, so they choose the elliptical to get a faster motion with their legs.

But faster doesn’t always mean more fat burning. Walking on a treadmill at an incline will burn tremendous amounts of fat – but only if you don’t hold onto the equipment!

This “no holding on” rule applies as much to men with huge muscle as it does to anyone else wishing to burn up the fat.

If you’re a big guy with lots of enviable muscle mass, but want to further shave down your body fat percentage, here is my advice:

If you use the elliptical machine, keep your hands off the machine.

Nobody says you must hold onto those arm cranks. Let your arms move at your sides in synch with your body, as you would if you were jogging along the beach.

Contrary to popular belief, gluing your hands to the arm cranks will NOT burn more calories.

If the arm cranks are a distraction, use an elliptical that doesn’t have this gimmick if one is available at the gym.

Revolving staircase: Again, hands off the equipment. Imagine climbing flights of stairs for burning fat, whether those flights are in a high rise building or outdoors.

You wouldn’t be leaning against anything or grasping at anything. Use this logic when using the revolving staircase.

Treadmill walking or jogging. The man with the big muscles can burn a lot of fat if he uses the treadmill correctly.

What the hell? You can lift heavy weights but are scared of letting go of a treadill? Credit: Todorovic.

The first step is to walk like a real man: Keep your hands off the treadmill’s rails.

I know they are there, but that’s to keep you from toppling over should you get distracted by some hot lady bodybuilder walking by.

If you use the incline, keep your hands at your sides anyways, as you would if you were walking hills outdoors to burn fat.

The guy with the big muscles should also consider jogging on the treadmill. Start slowly at first.

The best way to use cardio to burn fat is to engage in HIIT style training. HIIT not only burns the most fat, but it actually takes less time to do than traditional “long slow” cardio.

It’s great for men with big muscles who want to slash more body fat.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



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