Here’s info you’ve been seeking about the fat burning effects of brief intense cardio compared to long, light intensity cardio exercise.

So which is better for burning fat and weight loss: those lengthy, low intensity cardio sessions, or very short bursts of cardio at high intensity?

When I was a personal trainer, I’d tell my clients the truth:

Twenty minutes of high intensity interval training on any piece of cardio equipment will burn more fat than two hours of steady state pacing on that same equipment. Orangeline

This truth also applies to outdoor aerobic activity. Duration isn’t always the key to fat burning.

  • Exercise smart, not long.
  • Warm up for five minutes or so and then after the actual workout, cool down for five minutes.

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Does short intense cardio really burn more fat?

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If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and have been seemingly “doing everything right,” yet after months and months, you still can’t fit into that pair of jeans; you still look the same; you still feel the same; and the body fat just won’t budge —

— then it’s time to make a change and take a detour from that dead-end road you’ve been on.

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