There are four crucial stretches, so simple to follow, that personal trainers consider to be musts in any fitness program.

Hip Flexor Stretch

• There are different ways to stretch these important muscles, located at the top front of the thigh.

• Lie on the floor with both of your legs straight.

• Pull one knee into your chest; keep the other leg straight.

• If you can’t keep it straight, this means you have tight hip flexors.

• Hold for 30 seconds for each leg.

• This is the easiest and best hip flexor stretch.

Chest Stretch

• Stand between a doorway or two fixed objects of comparable distance.

• Place forearms alongside the door frame.

• Lean forward to stretch the pectoralis muscles.

• Or, with one hand grab ahold of a stable object about neck height, with arm straight.

• Turn slightly in the opposite direction.

• This will cause a gentle pull to the chest muscle on that side.

• Hold 30 seconds and switch sides.

A third way is to hold your arms up, forearms parallel to each other, in front of your chest, then expand arms out as though you’re in the start position of an overhead dumbbell press. Expand them out far enough to feel a stretch in your chest.

Hamstring Stretch

• Stand with our legs apart (shoulder width or wider).

• Bending at the hips, lower your torso as far as possible, feeling the stretch in the hamstrings.

• Another stretch: sit on the floor with both legs in a V.

• Now, bend one leg in so that your foot of that leg is against the opposite inner thigh.

• Bending at your hips, lean torso towards the knee of the straight leg; try to touch your toes.

A third stretch is to prop your foot onto a height such as a bench or stool; keep the leg straight, lean towards your knee. Hold stretches for 30 seconds and do not bounce or force the stretch.

Dynamic Stretch

A dynamic stretch is when you stretch your muscles without supporting them, but rather, by moving them. A dynamic hamstring stretch could be a high front kicking motion (or as high as you can get your leg).

A mobility drill could be standing on one leg while you repeatedly bring the other knee up high in front. This will stretch your hamstring-glute tie-in, while strengthening the hip flexors.

A dynamic hip flexor stretch would be, for instance, to place hands on a bar or stable object about the height of the back of a chair, then do back kicks as high as possible with a minimal bend in the kicking leg. This is hip extension and it will strengthen the glutes while it actively stretches the hip flexors.