A headache from a sinus problem can hurt as much as one from a brain tumor.

Headaches from sinus issues, however, are very significantly more common than those caused by a brain tumor.

If you’ve been having persistent headaches but no other symptoms such as nausea, slurred speech, balance difficulties, one-sided weakness or confusion, chances are pretty high that the cause is not a brain tumor.

Headaches are commonly caused by a problem going on with the sinus cavity.

Treatment for Sinus Headaches

“Correction varies depending on the cause of your sinus headaches,” says Dr. C. Phillip Amoils, MD, a board certified otolaryngologist with SC-ENT Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists in CA.

“It can be as simple as a short course of antibiotics and decongestants for an infection, or allergy medication plus a decongestant for allergies.

“Should no relief be found, limited in-office dilation of the sinus openings using removable balloon-type catheters under endoscopy can result in relief for many of these patients.

“A few patients with severe chronic sinus obstruction causing severe headaches may need operative intervention in the form of endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty in an outpatient setting.

“Mild headaches are often sinus related headaches, but if more severe — consider migraine if visual symptoms are associated with the headache.”

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My mother was once troubled by headaches that came out of the blue, almost daily.

This can be scary, because some people will automatically fear the worst: a brain tumor.

She went to her primary care physician who referred her to a “headache clinic,” but the doctor at the clinic was not able to figure out what was causing her problem.

Then she saw another doctor (not at the headache clinic) who quickly zeroed in on the cause after ordering an MRI of her head and sinuses, and prescribed a successful antibiotic treatment for a sinus infection.

Oddly, she had not been experiencing any nasal congestion or stuffy feeling in her nose.

And it goes without saying: Stress is a leading cause of headaches — the so-called tension type. These can feel a lot like a sinus headache.

Dr. Amoils is considered among the best surgeons worldwide for sinus surgery and OSA, having helped thousands of patients for 25+ years. He also demonstrates to physicians the protocols he’s developed for mouth breathing, nasal congestion, obstructive sleep apnea and snoring using minimally invasive procedures.
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