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Brain tumor headache vs. normal headache.

Are you one of these types who, every time you get a headache, you fear it’s a brain tumor? Can a benign headache actually feel like a brain tumor headache?

Or, to put it another way…can a brain tumor headache mimic a regular harmless headache? Read…

Is it a sinus headache…or a ruptured aneurysm? 

The sinus headaches depicted in TV commercials are a field of flowers compared to the intensity of some real life sinus headaches. They can actually masquerade as a rupturing aneurysm!

“Sinus headaches are due to three major causes: blocked sinuses from allergies, blocked sinuses from infection, or blocked sinuses from distorted anatomy such as a deviated septum,” says Dr. C. Phillip Amoils, MD, a board certified otolaryngologist with SC-ENT Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists in CA.

“The diagnosis for sinus headaches comes from a thorough ENT evaluation and a limited CT scan of just the sinuses,” adds Dr. Amoils.

But is there a way you can distinguish at home between a benign sinus headache and the pain of a rupturing brain aneurysm? Read…

Aneurysm headache symptoms vs. normal headache symptoms.

“Sudden severe headaches may warrant a neurological evaluation and MRI radiological workup,” says Dr. Amoils.

  • Can a ruptured aneurysm ever feel like a benign headache?
  • Should you go running to the ER every time you have a really bad headache?

What IF it’s a ruptured aneurysm? This can be fatal within minutes. Read…

Stabbing headache behind the eye? 

These have a unique kind of pain. There are several possible causes, including a pinched nerve in the neck. Read…

Do you get a headache from lifting weights?

Head pain from strength training has more than one possible cause. There are solutions. Read…

Can heavy weightlifting cause an aneurysm? 

Heavy weight lifting, especially deadlifts and squats, will cause blood pressure to spike significantly. Can this burst a blood vessel in your brain?  Continue…

Hit your head? CT scan normal? Beware… 

Have you recently hit your head but are relieved because the ER CT scans were normal?

The standard is to have a CT scan upon ER admission, and then stay overnight and have a follow-up CT scan 24 hours later.

Warning: Even if the follow-up scan shows no bleeding in the brain, this doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods!

          A “chronic” subdural hematoma may still be waiting in the wings for you, as it was for my mother!

Six weeks after her normal CT scan, she awakened with significant neurological symptoms and had to have blood drained from her brain! Read more about chronic subdural hematoma…

Dr. Amoils is considered among the best surgeons worldwide for sinus surgery and OSA, having helped thousands of patients for 25+ years. He also demonstrates to physicians the protocols he’s developed for mouth breathing, nasal congestion, obstructive sleep apnea and snoring using minimally invasive procedures.
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