How often do you brush your teeth and wonder if it really makes a difference whether the water is cold or warm, as far as the ability to clean your teeth?

Of course, cold water is uncomfortable to the nerve endings for many people, and for that reason alone, many will not brush with cold water.

However, they will brush their teeth with non-cold water — meaning, it’s not necessarily warm, let alone warm-hot.

Others swear by a temperature that’s closer to hot (but not hot enough to be uncomfortable) — perhaps something more like very warm.

It can be quite comfortable for some individuals, but that question remains:

Does temperature of the water really matter as far as the efficacy of getting your teeth clean?

“If your teeth are hypersensitive, brushing with lukewarm water may be best,” says says Cyndi Blalock, DDS, owner of Cardinal Dental in St. Peters, MO.

“Sometimes very cold or very hot can irritate sensitive teeth, so I would recommend using a temperature somewhere in the middle,” continues Dr. Blalock.

“Do not go to extremes with temperature; brushing shouldn’t be a painful experience.

“If it is, seeking the care of a dental professional would be a good idea, as there may be more dental issues going on.”

The health of Dr. Blalock’s patients is a top priority at Cardinal Dental. She provides a comfortable and caring environment where she can effectively customize a dental plan to suit the needs of you and your family.
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