Dermatologists provide answers about skin moles: shape, size, color, texture, bleeding, itching, you name it—everything you want to know about the moles on your skin.

Do you have a question about a mole on your skin? Whom would you rather get your question answered by: a person in a forum who’s not a doctor? Or a dermatologist?

Below are links to articles about moles, featuring dermatologists who were interviewed specifically for these articles.

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Does a Bleeding Mole Always Mean Cancer?

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When Should You Stop Getting New Moles?

Normal Moles Removed to Prevent Melanoma?

Can Small, Tiny Moles Turn Into Melanoma?

Does a Blue Mole Mean Possible Melanoma?

When an Itching Mole Begins Bothering You

Can a Changing Mole Be Benign or Is It Always Melanoma?

Funny or Strange Looking Mole Worrying You?

Are Purple Moles Normal or Possible Cancer?

What Does Precancerous or Atypical Mole Mean

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