These top seven pills for prevention of migraine headaches are recommended by a neurologist who specializes in migraine pain treatment.

Anyone who suffers from migraine headaches knows that these can reach a pain level of 10 on a one to 10 pain scale.

The pain could be so searing that the patient goes to the emergency room, still in agony despite having an ice pack on their head.

The pain of a migraine can mimic a ruptured aneurysm. For those who’ve already had a clear MRI of their head and who have been diagnosed with migraine disorder, the knowledge that their problem is not being caused by an aneurysm or brain tumor is enormously reassuring.

Nevertheless, the pain can reach breathtaking levels and be disruptive to a person’s life.

Doctor’s Recommendation of Pain Drugs that Can Help with Migraine Prevention

Dr. Brian Loftus is a board certified neurologist in Bellaire, Texas, who specializes in migraine headaches and multiple sclerosis.

He says, “For prevention of migraines – my most frequent seven oral preventatives are zonisamide, duloxetine, candesartan, Topiramate, propranolol, amitriptyline, and Valproic acid.”

Ask your physician about these drugs. Try them as your doctor advises you. Maybe one of them will be the magic charm.

Follow dosing instructions by the book. Ask any questions about these medications.

What about non-oral prevention of migraines?

Dr. Loftus says, “Non-oral preventatives include pericranial nerve blocks, combined sphenopalatine ganglion/cranial nerve V blocks with Allevio, and intermittent IV magnesium.”

These are yet more options for the migraine headache sufferer. In addition, you may want to explore naturopathic options.

But be sure to inform your doctor of any alternative medical approaches, and vice versa.

Both the medical practitioner and the naturopathic practitioner should be aware of the other’s treatments so that they can be configured to complement each other.

Bear in mind that there is no one treatment that prevents migraine headaches 100 percent of the time for every patient. But all options need to be given a chance.

Dr. Loftusdr. loftus has a private practice in Bellaire, TX, and focuses on headaches, multiple sclerosis and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). He is also board certified in headache medicine.
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