Cervicitis is inflammation of the cervix, but can this turn into cancer?

This is a question that many women would like to know, so I posed it to Justin Chura, MD, a gynecological oncologist with Crozer Health in Delaware.

“Chronic cervicitis does not lead to cervical cancer,” says Dr. Chura. “Cervicitis means inflammation.  Inflammation can have multiple causes.  This can include infection.

“The cause of cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus.  Most of the time, chronic cervicitis is asymptomatic.

“Meaning, findings are seen on a Pap test, but the patient has no symptoms.  When this is the case there is no recommended intervention.”

Perhaps the fear that cervicitis can lead to cancer or raise the risk of it originates from the fact that it can be discovered with a Pap smear — some patients wrongly connect dots and draw erroneous conclusions.

The risk of cervical cancer goes UP when a woman has multiple sex partners! A sexually active woman should have a Pap smear annually.

Dr. Chura provides standard cancer care and robotic surgery for cancers of the cervix, ovary, uterus/endometrium and vulva.
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