Acid reflux or GERD can cause the sensation of food being trapped in the throat.

GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

“Acid reflux, or GERD, is a condition where an abnormal amount of acid is exposed to the esophagus,” says Jay Desai, MD, who specializes in colon cancer screening, upper endoscopy and consultative gastroenterology with the Endoscopy Center of New York.

“This may cause many different symptoms but usually includes a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach that travels up the chest towards the mouth.” 

Food Stuck in Throat Feeling

“One condition that can cause food feeling stuck in the throat is called PPI-responsive esophageal eosinophilia,” says Dr. Desai.

“The acid exposure in the esophagus can cause certain types of blood cells, called eosinophils, to migrate to the esophagus; these cells can cause inflammation and interfere with normal swallowing of food.

“This then can lead to the sensation of food feeling trapped in the [upper] esophagus. The treatment of this condition is with antacid medication.”

dr. desai

Board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, Dr. Desai provides a wide range of GI services including for bacterial overgrowth, constipation, acid reflux and GERD, IBS, incontinence and small bowel disease. Twitter handle: @NYGADocs
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