Are you a tall woman who feels like a giant amongst not-so-tall women?

Do you feel big even around men?

I’ve been writing lots of content about issues that tall women face, and one comment in particular to one of my “tall women” articles struck a nerve.

It’s just too easy for a woman to blame being tall on why she’s still single.

Since when are most never married women tall? Are there statistics on how many never married women over 35 are over 5-10 tall? You can’t assume that being tall is keeping you from finding Mr. Right.

Here is the comment to one of my “tall” articles:

I am 5’9″ and an exceptionally broad lady and am 28 yrs old. It is way too depressing to see short petite girls looking cute and nicer when I feel like a giantess standing next to them.

Can tall broad girls look cute and feminine? I am still single and am depressed that I am still single because I look huge and big and no guy wants to be around a girl like this.


First of all, 28 is NOT too old to still be single!

Secondly, this woman is only one inch taller than me. ONE LOUSY INCH.

Third, can “short cute girls” look elegant and regal ??

I posted a comment in return:

Akshaya, you’re only one inch taller than me. There is NO way I can ever feel huge around men, let alone women. If I’m a lot bigger than a woman, then she’s going to be pretty small.

I see women taller than you who look like they can be broken in half. I think the problem is more with your body build, not with your height.

Stop sulking and start empowering yourself by working out. Become strong and energetic, faster and healthier. No guy wants to be around a girl who hates herself.

I’m not saying that Akshaya should starve herself down to 105 pounds. But she describes herself as “exceptionally broad.” I take this to mean she is built somewhat like Queen Latifah.

I use Queen Latifah as the comparison because Queen Latifah is the only well-known woman who comes to mind right now who pretty closely matches Akshaya in size:

Queen Latifah is 5-10 and broad, though I wouldn’t say “exceptionally” broad. Also, Akshaya could be overestimating how big she looks.

I also point out Queen Latifah because, despite her size, she projects glamour. Can we say that “no guy wants to be around” Queen Latifah?

Even if she weren’t a celebrity, I can imagine Queen Latifah strolling into a big ballroom, dressed her shimmering best, wearing high heels, shoulders thrown back, and soon a small crowd of men gathering around her, including shorter men.

And it’s true, I HAVE seen many tall women who look like a gust of wind could knock them over. Body composition is more important than how tall you are.

If you, as a tall woman, feel huge, then this is more likely related to your body weight.

It’s obvious in Akshaya’s comment that she’s absolutely miserable. I’d be willing to bet she never works out with weights.

I can’t begin to tell you how empowering it is for women, short or tall, thin or “broad,” to lift weights. This will NOT make Akshaya bigger. It will:

  1. Make her tighter, firmer and leaner
  2. Make her shapelier
  3. Create fat loss and thus a reduction in dress size
  4. Create more self-esteem than she could ever imagine
  5. Teach her to focus on what her body can DO, not what it looks like

And I can’t say it enough: Few good men want a woman who hates herself.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.  



Top image: Shutterstock/Ratikova