Learn how to use an 18 inch stool to burn the most fat possible.

Jumping routines with an 18 inch stool will burn fat and reap other fitness benefits. Eighteen-inch workout stools are sold online.

The great thing about plyometric (jumping) workouts is that there’s plenty of rest or downtime.

This is motivating because it makes you want to really go at it when it’s time to resume the jumping.

Stool jumping, even with an 18 inch device, should be rhythmic, smooth and clean, and quiet. If feet are slamming and making a lot of noise, this means lack of control.

Jump up and down as quietly as possible and see what happens. If it’s difficult to be smooth and quiet, then keep working at it; that’s part of the workout.

A hardcore jumping routine will activate fast twitch muscle fiber. Take a look at people who are skilled jumpers  —  jumping over and over onto an 18 inch stool (or sturdy box).

Do they ever look out of shape?

Do they ever have flabby, scrawny or chunky legs?

Even their upper body looks very fit. Plyometrics are part of any savvy fitness enthusiast’s program.

18 Inch Stool Workout for Burning off Fat

Beginners won’t do too well with 18 inch stool jumping, and thus, this program is more suitable for intermediate and advanced performers who’d like to burn fat.

Warming up for a plyometric session can be done by doing plyometrics. That’s the beauty of jumping exercises; you can go right into the actual mode of exercise with your warm-up.

Simply jump onto the stool with both feet at once, then jump off. Pace or march in place for several seconds, then jump again.

Focus on form and quietness, like a cat landing.


As you feel your body warming up, shorten the intervals between each jump.

Maybe toss a set of jumping jacks in between. And when jumping off the stool, don’t just jump off from where you came, but jump off to the other side  —  a forward exit.

Jump twice or thrice in a row quickly, then as fast as possible. Then do five jumps in rapid succession. Simply jumping up and down in all these ways is a workout in itself for many trainees, even advanced.

An advanced or very fit individual could increase intensity (and therefore increase fat burning) by doing the following:

• Increasing the distance from the jumping point to the stool.

• Increasing the distance from the stool to the floor landing point.

• Adding a pike when jumping off the stool.

• Jumping as high as possible when jumping off the stool.

• Adding a quarter or half squat upon landing onto the stool and then immediately squat jumping off of it.

• Adding a quarter or half squat upon landing back onto the floor.

• Jumping sideways onto the stool and/or sideways off of it.

• Holding weights when jumping

Plyometrics with the 18 inch stool should be conducted with strength training in mind, not aerobics.

This isn’t about trying to jump nonstop for 20 minutes. It’s about power, tapping into the fast twitch muscle fibers, which utilize more energy than the endurance-designed slow twitch.

With plyometrics, the goal is to jump with the most power: height, speed and distance, rather than doing tons of weak jumps nonstop over a long stretch of time.

This way you’ll burn more fat. Plyometric training is about explosive bursts, not endurance, for maximal fat burning and strength training.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



Top image: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia