Find out the truth about chiropractic manipulation on a herniated disc in the low back.

Some people are scared to see a chiropractor regarding their herniated (bulging) disc.

This is understandable, since many men and women believe that the only way to treat low back pain is with drugs, surgery, hot packs, cold packs, ergonomic chairs, physical therapy and avoidance of lifting more than 20 pounds.

Perhaps you’ve even heard that chiropractic work on someone with a lumbar herniated disc can be potentially harmful or risky. Well, let’s get to what the truth really is.

“Chiropractic treatments for patients with lumbar disk herniation are safe and effective,” says Stephen T. Onesti, MD, a neurosurgeon specializing in the spine, with Neurological Surgery P.C. of Long Island.

“I have often referred patients to chiropractors, and in my experience they have had excellent results.”

Why would a medical doctor deem chiropractic treatments risky?

Dr. Onesti says, “The risk of neurological or vascular injury due to chiropractic manipulation is basically only when it is applied to the cervical spine.” This is the neck area.

“Experience of the chiropractor is essential–a good chiropractor will not offer manipulation therapy when it’s contraindicated, and will perform it correctly when it is [indicated].

“It should be noted that chiropractors also perform many other type of therapy than just traditional manipulation.”

This includes the strategic use of hot and cold packs.

The Atlantic Spine Center is an example of a conventional treatment enterprise that endorses chiropractic treatment as an option for those suffering from herniated disc pain.

Their site states: When used in conjunction with standard or conventional care, complementary and alternative treatments, such as seeing a chiropractor for herniated disc treatment, can be beneficial to some people with a herniated disc.

Dr. Onesti is a board certified neurosurgeon specializing in spine surgery and surgical treatment of chronic pain. He has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals and has given numerous presentations at local and national meetings.
Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.