Many autistic people find comfort and relief through stimming in the form of watching blinking lights.

For those who enjoy blinking lights, there are various toys and devices designed to provide a soothing and engaging experience. 

LED Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have gained popularity as stress-relieving toys, and combining them with LED lights adds an extra sensory dimension.

These spinners emit colorful lights as they rotate, providing both visual and tactile stimulation for people on the Autism Spectrum who are fascinated by blinking lights.

Light-Up Sensory Ball

These soft, squeezable balls are embedded with LED lights that activate upon squeezing.

The gentle pressure required to illuminate the lights can be a calming and engaging activity for individuals who enjoy tactile stimulation combined with the visual of lights.

Infinity Mirror Tunnel Toy

An infinity mirror tunnel creates a mesmerizing visual effect with LED lights.

These toys typically consist of multiple mirrored surfaces and LED lights, creating the illusion of an endless tunnel of lights. How cool is that?

Watching the lights recede into the distance can be both calming and fascinating.

Fiber Optic Light Wand

Fiber optic wands are lightweight and emit a dazzling display of multicolored lights.

Swirling the wand in different patterns or simply running your fingers through the strands can provide a visually stimulating and soothing experience.

LED Light-Up Drawing Board

A light-up drawing board allows individuals to create glowing artwork by using a special pen to draw on a light-sensitive surface.

The colorful images can be easily erased, providing endless opportunities for creative expression and sensory engagement.

Color-Changing LED Night Light

A simple yet effective option is a color-changing LED night light.

These devices often come in various shapes and designs, and their gentle color transitions can create a calming ambiance in a room.

Interactive LED Bubble Tube

Bubble tubes are tall, water-filled tubes with continuously rising bubbles.

Adding LED lights to the mix enhances the visual appeal.

Many interactive versions allow users to control the colors and patterns of the lights, promoting a sense of control and engagement.

LED Sensory Gloves

Sensory gloves with embedded LED lights provide a hands-on visual experience.

As the user moves their fingers, the lights change patterns, creating an interactive and engaging sensory activity.

Projection Night Light with Moving Patterns

A projection night light that displays moving patterns on the ceiling or walls can be a captivating stimming tool, especially for those who like to watch lights blink.

Look for models that offer a variety of soothing visuals, such as stars, waves or abstract patterns.

Autism or just an interest that even neurotypical children might have?

Though I don’t seek out light-themed stimming, I do recall that, when I was a child riding in a car at night, I’d enjoy watching those little blinking lights that surrounded a sign.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, these tiny bulbs would flash in a wave rather than all at once.

This created the illusion that the lights were “moving” all around the sign.

So when we were stopped at a traffic light and I spotted one of these fixtures, I’d watch it the entire time.

I’m not sure if this intrigue was driven by my Autistry or if many NT children also experience this fascination.

At any rate, you now know some super cool ways to indulge in your enthrallment with blinking lights.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical and fitness topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer. In 2022 she received a diagnosis of Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder. 


Top image: ©Lorra Garrick