Here are 10 items for Autistics who love watching or making things spin.

Many autistic people including adults really enjoy handling objects that spin.

These devices not only provide a soothing experience but also contribute to improving focus and reducing anxiety.

And sometimes, they’re just super fun to interact with.

1     Doodle Top

The “Doodle Top” is a simple top with a marker at the bottom (comes with a cap, of course).

I’ve used one of these, and even though I’m not into spinning, I really appreciated what this little gadget could do.

No two spins produce the same design. Simply spin the top, then watch it whirl and whirl, creating circle-based shapes as it moves along the paper.

2     Spinner Pen

The tops of these pens, as shown, have the classic “fidget spinner.”

I’ve used such a pen, and the spinner went really fast and spun for quite a bit of time.

There are different kinds of “spinner” pens, though, and this is a great way for Autistics to get in some stimming in a super discreet way while on the job.

3     Gyroscope

©Lorra Garrick

Gyroscopes have always been popular among all neurotypes. They are similar to the common top, but are heavier duty and spin much longer. Much longer.

4     Spinning Top

©Lorra Garrick

Tops seemingly have always been around and come in the simplest forms.

However, even an adult may find it challenging getting one started.

The spinning satisfies the desire for stim time, but also will enhance fine motor skills in those who struggle in this area. 

Tops may also come with LED lighting.

5    Euler’s Disk

©Lorra Garrick

Tactile spinning disks provide a hands-on experience with various textures and patterns.

They often feature different surfaces on each side, allowing users to explore different tactile sensations while enjoying the repetitive motion of spinning.

6    Steel Ball Orbiter

Combining the functionality of a shine and spin fidget with a handheld device is a clever idea.

The magnetic attachment of the ball adds an extra level of interaction, allowing users to spin it around while still connected.

And the need for practice to sustain rapid movement adds an element of skill and challenge to the experience.

7     Colorful Spinner Wheels

As the device spins, intricate patterns and colors change, offering a visually stimulating and relaxing experience for individuals who appreciate dynamic visual input.

8    Gear-Based Fidget Spinner

Gear-based fidget spinners offer a unique and mechanical feel.

Users can engage with the gears, feeling the satisfying clicks and rotations as they spin the gadget.

This type of spinner combines a tactile experience with auditory feedback, making it a versatile tool for sensory exploration.

9    Spirograph Drawing Kit

The spirograph drawing kit takes spinning to a creative level. I know so firsthand; I had a kit as a child.

But there are also more advanced versions of this classic toy that are appealing to adults.

Users can create intricate and beautiful designs by spinning the gears of the spirograph on paper.

This gadget not only provides a sensory experience but also encourages artistic expression and fine motor skills development.

10     Spinner Ring

Fidget spinner rings are discreet and portable, making them ideal for on-the-go sensory support.

These rings feature a spinning mechanism embedded within a sleek design, allowing those on the Spectrum to secretly engage with the spinner while managing stress and promoting concentration.

Imagine being able to stim full force with one of these during a business meeting without anyone ever knowing!

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical and fitness topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer. In 2022 she received a diagnosis of Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder.